Vi har pratet med…Oslo Vikings!

Siste laget ut så langt i denne serien er fjorårets Norgesmestere Oslo Vikings og deres Hovedtrener Derek Mann, svaret hans er gjengitt i sin helhet slik vi mottok det i fra Vikings, og som du vil se: Her er det profesjonalitet hele veien.

Foto: Max Emanuelson

1.​ Do you guys have some exciting new players transferred or from the youth teams U19/17

This season we do have some new players coming into the club. It has been no different than past years We have around 7-8 guys who have transfered over to us. We do have some great young talent coming up from our U 17 and U 19 programs. I am very excited to see these guys step up into the Senior league.

2.​ Objectives for this year’s season with the team ..?

​Our goal for every Senior Elite season is to win the National Championship. We are returning around 90% of our roster from last season. So we should be able to build on our success from last season and take our game to an even higher level. We want to be the best team in Norway every day we step on the field.

3. ​ Thoughts about their opponents in the current season ..?

​I think all teams in this league can win any any given day. With the league being 4 teams and a double series, I think the competition level will be high. There is the possibility of facing 2 opponents 3 times including playoffs. When you meet teams that many times in 1 season you are bound to have some close matches.

4. ​ Are you planning to have import (players and / or coaches) this year?

As of right now our coaching staff in the same as last season. We have not yet made any final decisions on bringing in an import player. The option is always there, but I feel we have the weapons on our roster to achieve our goal without external help.

 5. ​Where are you in preparation for the season 2017?

We are currently in our Winter phase of training. We are on the field 2 times a week in gear and we are also in the weightroom continuing our off season lifting program.

6. ​What are your plans for the rest of the pre-season, you shall example. conduct some training camp, have scrimmage or private battles ..?

​For the rest of February and March we will be on the field for 2 times a week leading up to April when we get back on Frogner. In the end of February we will be having a joint training camp with the Olavs Menn in Sarpsborg . We might also have an away game in Denmark in the middle of March. That is not final yet. We are still waiting to finalize that. Finally we might have an exhibition match in early April at frogner.


Foto: Max Emanuelson


Denne artikkelen konkluderer det vi har å presentere fra de som skal delta i årets 1.divisjon og Eliteserie; noe tynt synes vi, men det er nå sånn det er. Vi har også kontaktet 2.divisjonslagene, og flere av dem har svart. I de kommende ukene er det svar fra 2.divisjonslagene som altså vil presenteres, og eventuelt noen flere fra 1.divisjon og Eliteserien hvis det viser seg at flere av klubbene der faktisk ønsker oppmerksomhet om det de driver på med.

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