Vi har pratet med…Lillestrøm Starfighters!

Sesongen 2017 er rundt hjørnet og vi har som tidligere år sendt ut noen spørsmål til de forskjellige lagene. I dag er det 2.divisjonslaget Lillestrøm Starfighters og deres Hovedtrener Percy Croffie-Siame!

Foto: Lukasz Kadziolka

Har dere har noen nye spennende spillere tilflyttede eller i fra egen stall som kommer opp i fra årsklasser under?

The goal for our club is consistency at positions. We have our core group back from last season and have added new players into the mix. The off-season and pre-season is solely to find what players will step up and contribute to the team in all 3 aspect of the game.


Målsetting for årets sesong med laget..?

Our objectives are straight forward for our players and coaches: Buy into our system and be accountable to what you’re trying to accomplish. Focus on one snap at a time and don’t look ahead.


Og tanker om motstanderne deres i inneværende sesong..?

2017 is a clean slate. Everyone is 0-0 until April, so we need to focus on our club and getting our players to buy into our system and philosophy. All the teams we will face are doing the same. So, we only can control what we know and how we execute our system. What I do know about our schedule is it will be exciting season for all clubs and spectators.

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