Vi har pratet med…Olavs Menn!

Olavs Menn ny logoEn ny sesong er på trappene og i den forbindelse så har vi sendt lagene i 1. divisjon noen  spørsmål. Nå har turen kommet til Olavs Menn og Travis Cornwell. Svarene hans er naturlig nok på engelsk, og du finner dem nedenfor!

Foto: Monica Ericson
Foto: Monica Ericson

Hvor er dere i forberedelsene til sesongen 2016?

The off-season has been very productive. We signed a new training partnership agreement with Crossfit Fredrikstad in August and the majority of players are probably in the best shape of their lives. We also reorganized our training staff. I’ve been very fortunate to have a group of veteran players who have really stepped up and embraced their new roles as position coaches. Thanks to these guys, the quality of our practices has without a doubt, been taken to a new level this season. Hopefully we will be able to work in a pre-season training match in the next few months to really test out the new 11-man system.

Nörrköping Panthers have invited us to a training match so right now it’s just a matter of ironing out the details. It should be a fun trip and the guys are looking forward to it.

Planlegger dere å ha importer (spillere og/eller trenere) i år?

Now that he’s retired, Charles Woodson might be a nice import candidate. Tom Brady also has some time off now, so we’ll see what his plans are for this spring. Other than those two options, I can’t see us getting any import players for this season.

All of our starters from last season are returning for this year and we’ve added some new muscle to the offensive line. I’m very satisfied with the group of guys we have.

Målsetting for årets sesong med laget ?

We’ve set a goal to finish the season with a winning record. This of course is no small task. The 1st division is filled with quality teams. It’s going to be a challenge but we’re up for it. Bring it on!

I sluttspillet har man mulighet til å møte Eliteserie-lagene.
Hvordan ser dere på det?

I’m really excited to see the difference between 1st division and Elite Series teams. This is our first season playing 11-man football so this probably won’t be a championship year for us, and that’s ok. I think it’s great that we have the opportunity to face Elite Series teams and we will gladly accept the challenge if we get to that position. You only get better by facing better opponents, right?

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