Vi har pratet med… Olavs Menn!

Neste laget som har svart oss i «Vi har pratet med…»-serien er Olavs Menn og deres hovedtrener Travis Cornwell. Hans svar er på engelsk, et språk mange som følger amerikansk fotball også fra Norge har en tendens til å forstå. Vi har derfor en mistanke om at hans svar blir forstått også av våre lesere!

 1) Har dere har noen nye spennende spillere tilflyttede eller i fra egen stall som kommer opp i fra årsklasser under?
We didn’t get many new players this year, but the ones we did are very good athletes. We were lucky enough to find an American who recently moved to Sarpsborg with not only high school football experience but experience with the Wing-T as well! Another player that I’m very excited about is a new WR/DB who has experience as a 4th division keeper for a local SOCCER club. This guy can catch anything I throw at him. He dives like he’s stopping shots in a penalty kick shootout. Once he realizes that he can catch the ball and just keep running, he’s going to be my new favorite receiver
2) Målsetting for årets sesong med laget..?
The guys have decided that they want to win the 1st Division and of course, I support that decision. Outside of the typical win/loss goals, we (I) really would like to see our Wing-T offense ran to its maximum potential.
3) Har du gjort deg opp noen tanker om motstanderne deres i inneværende sesong..?
We’re pleased with the fact that we get to meet Kristiansand in our first game of the season. That has kept our team focused all off-season. We’re also ready to meet up again with Kolbotn to see another exciting matchup of «3 yards and a cloud of dust» style of football. Those guys are always fun to play against. Who knows what kind of team Gjøvik will have this season, but we are ready to meet them. I think it’s great that they have made the step up to 1st division. I like those guys and it will be fun to play against them this year.
4) Hva med importer er det noe på gang der (spillere og/eller trenere) i år?
No imports planned for this year.
5) Hvor er dere i forberedelsene til sesongen 2018?
We are on track with our season preparations. We have weekend camps scheduled with Lillestrøm in February and Vikings in March. Attendance has been solid throughout the fall/winter of 2017 and has increased steadily during the first weeks of 2018. We should be well prepared for season start.
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