Vi har pratet med…Olavs Menn U17!

omDa har vi fått slått av en prat med Olavs Menn U17, ved deres hovedtrener
Travis Cornwell. Her har du hva han hadde å si:

Har dere noen nye spennende spillere? Tilflyttede eller fra egen stall som kommer opp fra årsklasser under?

We have some guys on U-17 that have been practicing with our Senior team since August, so I would consider them our «veterans» of the team. Recently, these players attended the Golden Leaf Foundation camp and received some valuable experience. I’m excited to see how they develop as players this season.

Målsetting for årets sesong med laget?

Our goal this season is to, first and foremost, field a team. Right now, we are still dangerously close to the minimum player requirement despite a great turnout at our recent try-out event. I trust that more guys will start showing up soon, though. Second of all, I just want our boys to have fun and gain some more game experience.

Og tanker om motstanderne deres i inneværende sesong…?

I expect the more established U-17 programs to be very tough competition. But, tough competition is good. It brings out the best in people. Of course, I’m also excited to see some of the young talent that I’ll have to play against in the senior division in the next couple of years. You’ve gotta start scouting early, right?

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