Vi har pratet med…Oslo Vikings!

Sesongen 2017 er rundt hjørnet og vi har som tidligere år sendt ut noen spørsmål til de forskjellige lagene. Neste lag ut er fjorårets Norgesmestere Oslo Vikings og den nye hovedtreneren Derek Mann; han har naturlig nok svart oss på engelsk.

Foto: Henning Ringlund
Ett herlig bilde av Finn Jarle Mathisen når han løfter pokalen i fjor, gjør han det i år også ?

Do you have some exciting new players transferred or coming up from your own junior program?
We have a number of new players who have joined the club this year. It is a good mix of players coming up from our youth program and new transfers from other clubs. We also have some exciting new rookies that have joined our seniors.

Objectives for the team this season ..?
Our objective for this season is to continue to keep developing talented players who can contribute to the club’s success. While providing players in all age groups with the best coaching we can.


And thoughts on your opponents this upcoming season ..?
We are excited that the league has expanded from four teams to six. All six teams have their strenghts and weaknesses. It should turn out to be a very competitive season.


Where are you in your preparation for the 2017 season?
We are currently in the phase of our off-season program where we start to get on the field and put the pads on. Its been a while since we have been out there, so all the guys are excited.


What are your plans for the rest of the pre-season. Training camps, scrimmages ..?
We had a joint training camp with the Olavs Menn, January 27th and 28th. We will then practice on our own for 2 months until we head to Denmark to play against the Aalborg 89ers the last weekend in March. Then we will host a Danish team for a game April 1st at Frogner stadium. That will leave us with 1 month to prepare for our regular season debut on April 30th.


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