Etter kampen: D1 – Drammen Warriors – Olavs Menn

Kampen mellom Olavs menn og Drammen Warriors (7-6) ble nok noe helt annet en hva begge lags trenere så for seg, Vi fikk snakket litt med begge to i går kveld og hva de hadde å si om kampens forløp finner du her:

olavs menn

Her har du Roger Westbye sitt svar:

Vi kom ikke helt inn i flyt sonen i det offensive spillet. Og merker at vi trenger litt mer tid på å få opp standarden på spille forståelse og erfaring hos de nye spillerne. Men det kommer seg. Defense gjør en kjempe jobb idag og holder Olavs Menn unna vår målsone. Men vi har store utfordringer med skade situasjonen vår. Vi har 8 stk ute og det merkes godt.

Her har du Travis Cornwell sitt svar:

This was probably one of toughest games we have ever had. Our offense started slow in the first drive. We were able to get a bit more momentum going in our second drive, but unfortunately I injured my knee on a run near mid-field. Our back-up QB, Håvard Everløff stepped in for me and with the help of our RB, Joacim Junhov-Rindberg the offense was able to move the ball down to Drammen’s 5 yard line. I thought my knee was going to be ok, so I came in for one more carry, but after the 5 yard TD run, I knew I had to stay out the rest of the game.

From that point on, it was a defensive battle. Every one of our players played their hearts out to maintain the 7 point lead. Drammen was able to score in the 2nd quarter on a perfect pass to a wide-open receiver but was unsuccessful in the following 2 point conversion. The second half resulted with both teams getting stopped in goal line scoring chances. We failed to convert from the 1 yard line and Drammen went wide-right on a FG attempt. For us, the 4th quarter was about clock management and continuing to run the ball. Was it a sloppy game? Yes. Could the result have been different if I hadn’t been injured? Maybe. But that’s why American Football is the best team sport in the world. We have to rely on each other out there and pull together in the face of adversity. What we learned yesterday is that Olavs Menn CAN succeed without Travis, and that’s more important than the numbers on the scoreboard.

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